This schedule is tentative. We will deviate from it as necessary as the course proceeds…

DateTopicSchroeder Reading DueSuggested Moore Reading Due
Monday, August 23Intronone 
Wednesday, August 25Temperature, Ideal Gas Lawpreface & pp. 1-9 
Friday, August 27Equipartition, Heat & Workpp. 10-19T1
Monday, August 30Compression, PV diagrampp. 20-27T7 (out of order, but helpful)
Wednesday, September 1Heat Capacity & Enthalpypp. 28-36 
Friday, September 3Combinatoricspp. 49-53T2
Monday, September 6no class  
Wednesday, September 8Einstein Solidspp. 53-67 
Friday, September 10Ideal Gas Revisitedpp. 68-74T3
Monday, September 13Entropypp. 74-84 
Wednesday, September 15Temperature & Entropypp. 85-91T8 (out of order, but helpful)
Friday, September 17Entropy & Heatpp. 92-97 
Monday, September 20Paramagnetismpp. 98-108 
Wednesday, September 22P, S, & the thermodynamic identitypp. 108-114 
Friday, September 24Chemical Potentialpp. 115-121 
Monday, September 27Heat Enginespp. 122-127T9 (out of order, but helpful)
Wednesday, September 29Midtermnone 
Friday, October 1Refrigeratorspp. 127-130 
Monday, October 4Free Energypp. 149-160 
Wednesday, October 6Free Energy; Intensive vs. Extensivepp. 161-166 
Friday, October 8no class  
Monday, October 11no class  
Wednesday, October 13Phase Transformations & van der waalspp. 166-184T4
Friday, October 15bufferTBD 
Monday, October 18Boltzmann Factor & Partition Functionpp. 220-228 
Wednesday, October 20Expectation Valuespp. 229-238T5
Friday, October 22Equipartition revisitedpp. 238-241 
Monday, October 25Maxwell Distributionpp. 242-246T6
Wednesday, October 27More Partition Functionspp. 247-256T7 (revisit for continuity/review)
Friday, October 29Gibbs Factor, Bosons, & Fermionspp. 257-265T8 (revisit for continuity/review)
Monday, November 1Bosons, & Fermionspp. 266-282T9 (revisit for continuity/review)
Wednesday, November 3Bosons, & Fermions (continued)none 
Friday, November 5bufferT.B.D. 
Monday, November 8Midtermnone 
Wednesday, November 10Blackbody Radiationpp. 288-307 
Friday, November 12Debye Theorypp. 307-314 
Monday, November 15Bose-Einstein Condensationpp. 315-326 
Wednesday, November 17buffer  
Friday, November 19The Ising Modelpp. 327, 339-345 
Monday, November 22Monte Carlo Simulationpp. 346-356T10
Wednesday, November 24no class  
Friday, November 26no class  
Monday, November 29Special TopicsT.B.D. 
Wednesday, December 1Special TopicsT.B.D. 
Friday, December 3Special TopicsT.B.D. 
Monday, December 6Final Exam (1:15pm)none