PH305A - Fall 2019

Lab 7 Instructions

For today’s lab, you will work in a new type of Python environment called a Jupyter Notebook – one of the most prevalent tools in all fields of science and technology.

Throughout this lab, including during any post-class analysis, you are banned from using spreadsheets, calculators, or other computational tools. All calculations must be done with code (that gets turned in) in the notebook itself. Your entire lab report will be in the notebook; everything from your introductory text to your calculations to your data collection to your summary should occur in the notebook. You will upload the notebook to WorldClass.

Each student will edit their own notebook, but you should work in groups to obtain your data.

You should open the notebook by clicking the link below. The notebook will be displayed via Google’s Colab coding environment. The first thing you should do is sign into a Google account of your own and save a copy of the notebook to your Google Drive so that you can save your progress. Ensure that everyone in the group has a saved copy of their own that they can edit before proceeding through the lab activity.