This schedule is tentative. We will deviate from it as necessary as the course proceeds. Information given in class or on WorldClass always supercedes this schedule, so do not rely on this alone.

DateTopicReadingHW AssignedHW Due
Monday, August 23Expectations, How to Succeed, Intros HW1 
Wednesday, August 25Math, Models, Dimensional Analysis1.1-1.2  
Friday, August 27Position & Velocity Graphs2.1-2.3HW2HW1
Monday, August 30Acceleration   
Wednesday, September 1Changing Direction2.4  
Friday, September 3Video Analysis & Modelling2.4HW3HW2
Monday, September 6no class   
Wednesday, September 8Kinematics & Example Problems2.5-2.7  
Friday, September 10Gravity2.5-2.8HW4HW3
Monday, September 13Projectile Motion3.1-3.5  
Wednesday, September 15Vectors3.1-3.5  
Friday, September 17Force4.1-4.2 HW4
Monday, September 20Force & Acceleration4.1-4.2  
Wednesday, September 22Exam 1   
Friday, September 24Force, Acceleration, Mass, & N24.3, 4.5HW5 
Monday, September 27Newton’s 3rd Law4.4-4.5  
Wednesday, September 29Friction & Free Body Diagrams4.6, 5.1  
Friday, October 1Buffer HW6HW5
Monday, October 4Momentum8.1-8.3  
Wednesday, October 6Impulse8.1-8.3HW7HW6
Friday, October 8NO CLASS   
Monday, October 11NO CLASS   
Wednesday, October 13Work7.1 HW7
Friday, October 15Kinetic Energy7.2  
Monday, October 18Exam 2 HW8 
Wednesday, October 20Potential Energy7.3-7.5  
Friday, October 22Conservation of Energy7.6HW9HW8
Monday, October 25Thermal Physics13,14,15  
Wednesday, October 27Collisions8.4-8.6  
Friday, October 292D Collisions8.6HW10HW9
Monday, November 1Uniform Circular Motion6.1-6.3,6.5  
Wednesday, November 3Rotational Kinematics10.1-10.2  
Friday, November 5Rotational Dynamics & Torque10.3HW11HW10
Monday, November 8Rotational Energy10.4  
Wednesday, November 10Angular Momentum10.5  
Friday, November 12Angular Momentum & Torque10.3-10.5HW12HW11
Monday, November 15Statics9.1-9.6  
Wednesday, November 17Harmonic Motion16.1-16.6  
Friday, November 19Pendulum16.4 HW12
Monday, November 22Exam 3   
Wednesday, November 24No class   
Friday, November 26No class   
Monday, November 29Relativity, Buffer HW13 
Wednesday, December 1Relativity, Buffer   
Friday, December 3Relativity, Buffer  HW13
Wednesday, December 8Final Exam at 10:10am