PH202A - Fall 2019

Backup of WorldClass materials as of 2019-09-22:

WorldClass is now mostly working. Solutions to HW1 and all subsequent materials are posted there. Contact me if you are having trouble accessing them!



Homework 1 - Due at 9am on 2019-08-30 **NOTE: File was updated 2:30pm on Tuesday, Aug 27. There was a typo in part b of number 2 that made it impossible to solve. It has been fixed. I apologize for the mistake – an erroneous version of the homework got distributed as a result of some side effects of the network outage. My bad for not catching it sooner.

Homework 2 - Due at 9am on 2019-09-06

Online surveys

Pre-course survey - counts for bonus HW credit - due at 9am on 2019-08-30 (closed)

Reading Survey 1 - Due at 8am on 2019-08-28 (closed)

Reading Survey 2 - Due at 8am on 2019-08-30 (closed)

Reading Survey 3 - Due at 8am on 2019-09-04 (closed)

Slides used in class

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3